Retired Way Out There

My Evolving Life on Koh Lanta, Thailand

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“Retired Way Out There: My evolving life on Koh Lanta, Thailand” is the story of my transition from tourist to retired local, way out there on an amazing island in southern Thailand.

Do you ever think about retiring abroad, on a small tropical island?  I did, and now I want to share my adventure with you. 

Read about my many trips to the island, and my decision to retire there and get a home. You can marvel at all my adventures, perils and discoveries, as I transition from a tourist to a local expat.

Included in the book is a complete chapter with helpful advice for those of you thinking about retiring abroad.

The book is interesting, fun, and full of the crazy situations I’ve got myself into, and out of. You should buy it!

Retired Way Out There
is available to buy now

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Hear from the author in a behind-the-scenes video interview

Catch up with Perley-Ann on Long Beach in Koh Lanta as she explains her motivations behind publishing Retired Way Out There and what you can expect to read in the book.

What readers are saying about the book:

A fascinating read! An inspiring page-turning account of Perley-Ann’s life on a remote tropical island. The rib-tickling anecdotes will make you smile. You’ll want to start planning your future in the sunshine.

— Syd Barnes

Personality/Author, Koh Lanta, Thailand

One womans’ journey into finding her corner of paradise and creating a new, meaningful and fulfilling life after retirement. I enjoyed your stories, had a few chuckles along the way too. A good read.

— Elaine Sigler

Retired, Florida, USA

Easy and enjoyable to read about a part of the world with which I am not very familiar. I felt like I was enriching my mind as I read.

— Barbara Cummings

Retired Queen-Ager, Boston, United States

Delightful and very informative. Not a dull moment and easy to read. Perley-Ann is a fascinating and very inspiring woman, pursuing her dreams and achieving them.

— Yvonne Savoie

Retired, Nova Scotia, Canada

I really enjoyed this book. It kept me engaged the whole way through, very informative, down to earth, and relatable. Especially enjoyed the animal rescue and the work caring for dogs and cats.

— Karen Richter

Retired, Penticton, BC Canada

I loved it! It was educational, entertaining, and very interesting! What a fantastic life you have in Thailand! As I was reading I could picture the places and people!

— Kathy Knight

Approaching Retirement, White Lake, Canada

My mind creates pictures about your descriptions of scenes and places. It is wonderful. As I was reading the “food part” I suddenly wanted to go back to Thailand.

— Michael Stroecker

Retired, Hamburg, Germany

I must say, I loved it! Makes me so homesick for Thailand. I truly appreciate your positive attitude and outlook towards life. This really moves the book along and keeps it shining.

— Gloria Pohjavuori

Retired, Sydney, BC Canada

Reading about your experiences brought back memories of me imagining if I could retire there. I’d love to read more!

— Robby MacLeod

Approaching Retirement, Vancouver Canada

More about the author – 
Dr. Perley-Ann Friedman

Perley-Ann Friedman

The best decision I ever made was to retire on Koh Lanta. I’m happy to share my experiences to inspire others to consider the possibilities for retiring way out there on the journey through life.”

Perley-Ann Friedman started to write when she was a young girl and continued to tell stories through her high tech career, and into retirement. She has many publications, both academic for business, and at various sites online, encouraging people to look forward to each new day, with ways to find happiness on their journey through life.

Perley-Ann may be over 65, but she’s happy, healthy and looking forward to what life brings her way.

Read more about Perley-Ann

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See and visualise my life while reading Retired Way Out There by viewing the books bonus content, containing photos from my life on in Thailand, Koh Lanta, travel abroad and some of the awesome people I’ve met on my travels.

Retired Way Out There
now available at Amazon