Fundraising for Supporters

How to Easily Raise Money for a Cause Close to Your Heart

You CAN make a difference, and feel great doing it

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Fundraising for Supporters breaks fundraising down into basic steps so anyone can make a tremendous difference to a charity, with the added bonus of feeling great about doing it.

Topics include engaging potential donors, thanking do’s and don’ts, hosting events, building a support network, and great strategies to effectively raise money. This can all be done online, in person, or a mix of both.

This book is for everyone, whether you are retired, between jobs, stuck at home, or want to do something meaningful with your spare time.

Reading Fundraising for Supporters will give you the know-how to explore your passions, as you give back and feel great about what you have achieved.

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What experts say about the book

Non-profit experts and fundraisers across numerous industries have read Fundraising for Supports, and here’s what they had to say.

An informative, well-written, practical guide for supporters to fundraise, looking for ways to help their favourite charities. Professionals will also find it very useful.

— Joel Weiner

Retired Network TV Journalist, University Professor

Perley-Ann explains it all in clear and simple language. Easy to follow and extremely engaging.

— Ken Holmes

Retired Senior Army Officer (Canada), Community Volunteer

For anyone who has ever wanted to raise funds for a worthy cause but doesn’t know where to start, this is for you! A simple, straight-talking guide that explains how volunteers can fundraise and feel good while doing so!

— Maeve Henry

Fundraising Copywriter

An invaluable resource for doing something amazing with your time and helping charities achieve more. It’s clear, simple to understand, and the results from her advice have been incredible.

— Mathew Dunn

Marketing Consultant, Dunn Consultants

Written with passion and wisdom, this book is a great guide for contributing to the greater good.

— Nicole Christina, LCSW

Host, Zestful Aging Podcast

With her extensive business and non-profit experience, Dr. Perley-Ann offers insight for all levels of fundraising ability into how fundraising works, the important points to consider, and guidelines for success.

— Dr. Helen Guy

Clinic Director, Lanta Animal Welfare

With this book, Friedman begins the journey into being a productive and successful fundraiser… I enjoyed every page.

— Marie Semenoff

Lay Leader/Volunteer, Roman Catholic Church (Canada)

Perley Ann, who has lived, breathed, and most importantly, believes in doing good – has created this terrific resource to help ANYONE become the best fundraiser, and really make a difference.

— Junie Kovacs

Founder and CEO, Lanta Animal Welfare

A welcome and inspiring addition to the body of knowledge. Perley-Ann is writing from great experience (and with passion)… Her useful checklists, story telling tips, thinking about your audience and other practical tips are great.

— Sean Triner

Co-Founder, Moceanic Fundraising

More about the author – 
Dr. Perley-Ann Friedman

“It was the best ‘feel good’ thing I’ve ever done! I continue to volunteer fundraise and am always looking for more causes to help.” 

Perley-Ann Friedman started to volunteer fundraise 10 years ago using the business knowledge and experience from her over 25+ year international high-tech career, combined with advice from non-profit experts. She has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business with many publications, both academic for business, and at various sites online, encouraging people to look forward to each new day, with ways to find happiness on their journey through life.

Perley-Ann’s career and passions have taken her to the Forbidden City, through Tibet, over Everest and to Jim’s Grave. She met the Dali Lama, Pierre Trudeau and her life-partner. She’s been to Stonehenge, the Acropolis, through the Maasai Mara Reserve, the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, swam in the Dead Sea and toured the Panama Canal.

Perley-Ann may be over 65, but she’s happy, healthy and looking forward to what life brings her way. Now she is sharing her passion for fundraising in Fundraising for Supporters.

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Publisher Information

Published by: The Happy Cat, Perley-Ann Friedman

  • Kindle ISBN: 978-1-7781968-4-3
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7781968-5-0
  • Hardcopy ISBN: 978-1-7781968-6-7

Book Resources

As promised in the Afterword at the end of Fundraising for Supporters, I have provided some great resources to help you with your fundraising projects and continue to explore how you can raise money for a cause you love.