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Welcome to the Bonus Content for Retired Way Out There

Thank you so much for purchasing my book “Retired Way Out There“. As a bonus for my readers and listeners, I’ve prepared this Bonus Content section with my favourite photos and videos. I’ve organized the images by Chapter so you can visualize my story.

Please let me know any comments or questions you may have.

Enjoy and remember, no matter what happens, it’s all good!

Chapter 1 – A Tourist on Koh Lanta

Liam and I in the pop-up beach bar on Phuket
Liam and I in the pop-up beach bar on Phuket. I’d just gotten that henna tattoo on my arm. The Scot we met there took the photo.
James Bond Island near Phuket – the rock island formations are amazing
Bamboo Island (Koh Phai) close to Koh Phi Phi
Taken from Viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi. Really shows the butterfly shop of this island, with skinny centre at sea level. Taken on our second trip when the island was starting to get overrun with tourists. Look at all the boats in the bay, it was not like this our first year there.
View from our bungalow on Koh Lanta. Oh ya, I made those crazy hanging fish out of water bottles.
Just arrived on Koh Lanta on our third visit. So happy to be back in paradise and in the heat. The night before we left Ottawa we’d been skating on the Canal in the downtown, and it had been -35!
Miss Meow met us in Bangkok one year.
Fruit Lady beach vendor taking the skin off my pineapple in the swirl pattern that is common in Thailand.
Yoga on the beach, steps from the bungalow.
Longtail boat day-trip with friends to the small islands south of Koh Lanta

Chapter 2 – Deciding on Koh Lanta

Lanta Sunsets are amazing
Moving in to our home on Koh Lanta
Our landlord, the patriarch of the family, wearing the Canada t-shirt I gave him. He owned the valley, but he still walked his cows and cared for his chickens.

Chapter 3 – Transitioning from Tourist to Local Expat

Love the sign I painted
Love bubbles on the deck
More fantastic sunsets
Toasting to Christmas Day in Berit’s pool
Dinner with Maj-Liss at the Boathouse on Phuket
You see it all on the ferry to Koh Lanta
Having lunch in Lanta Old Town after visiting the Museum
Seafood stalls at the Wet Market
Fruit stall at the Thursday Market
Walking the Koh Lanta Bridge before it opened
Three friends having fun walking the bridge

Chapter 4 – Indulging in my Passions

My garden pots all have happy cat faces.
I love to paint my happy cat faces on everything
I still miss my darling Phi. This is how I’d wake up with him most mornings.
My sweet little Bubu, broke my heart when she passed.
Pho, my crazy Tuxedo. Love him to pieces.

Chapter 5 – Giving Back Through Lanta Animal Welfare

My dear friend Junie Kovacs, Founder of Lanta Animal Welfare at a swag table one night at a fancy resort
Painting my happy cat faces on a garden stone at Lanta Animal Welfare

Chapter 6 – Traveling in Thailand and Back to Canada

I love the huge mural video at the airport in Qatar
Swan boats for rent at Lumpini Park, Bangkok
View of Bangkok from inside Lumpini Park
Many buildings in Bangkok have multi-floor murals of the King
Koh Mook Sterlization Clinic Highlights
Golden the day before his journey to Ottawa. He loves the toy I made for him.
Golden at the airport in Bangkok, check in and heading to the freight elevator
Golden’s travel crate doing up the ramp to the plane in Taipei.
Golden and I in Toronto waiting for the last flight to Ottawa.

Chapter 7 – Life in a Time of Covid

I have tons of masks to coordinate – On my way to Krabi Town for the day. The island lockdown had been removed, but we had to register with the authorities when we left the island. I got a day pass and had to be back on Lanta that evening.
The beaches were empty during Covid.
Biking the beaches during Covid, always wearing a mask. The fine was huge if you didn’t wear a mask.
Lanta Animal Welfare rescuing the mother and kittens I found in an abandoned building during Covid.

Chapter 8 – Garbage Art Born from Cleaning the Beaches

Collecting lighters on Koh Lanta Noi
Love my Giant Happy Cat Garbage Art Sculpture on the side of my home, and so does my little Phai
My Giant Flat Happy Cat (no lights in this one) in a playground in Lanta Old Town
The making of the Giant Turtle Garbage Art Sculpture
Working on my garbage art
My Giant Dinosaur Eating Popcorn Garbage Art Sculpture
Happy Cat Sculpture is heavy and needs careful attention when moving it
We had the ferry to ourselves

Chapter 9 – My Healthy Lifestyle into the Future

I love biking on the beach when the tide is out.
My garden is amazing, even during when it’s raining
I have the best office ever that nurtures my creativity and my passions

Chapter 10 – Retiring Abroad: My Thoughts and Advice

A printable PDF that can help you decide if retiring abroad is right for you.

I hope you enjoyed my photos and videos!